Perspektive & Learning

At ipt you will take on more and more responsibility and grow in experience and expertise over the years. As a company we regularly take up new technologies and topics. As a good consultant, your soft skills are also in demand. As you can see, you have never finished training with us. With us, you will be part of a team that supports, challenges and gives feedback to each other. You can expect a broad portfolio of further education, which you can actively shape according to your needs and goals. We do not believe in budgets per se. We want fairness for everyone.

This is why we learn!

  • Your career path
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Your career path Agile employee appraisals Learning
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Our hierarchy is flat

Management and employees. You will be coached by a member of the management board and have the opportunity to become part of the board yourself.

Credibility is important to us

This is why members of the management team are still actively involved in projects and why we are recruiting the next generation of management internally. Our goal is to carry ipt into the next generation.

Our career model shows you your long-term perspective. You set the pace.

The development depends solely on your performance. The levels in the career model are not bound to any annual rings.

Typically, new employees develop from Consultant to Senior Consultant and then you can move on to Architecture or Consulting and continuously expand your area of responsibility up to the Principal level.

The red frame symbolizes the Business Development Team, which consists of several Principals and GL-ers. If you apply to us, we will get to know you and then place you in a suitable level according to your experience.

How do IT architects and lead consultants differ?

IT architects are responsible for the technical project management and generally have a broad knowledge in different technologies. In addition, they have in-depth knowledge in a technological field. They manage the customers and their expectations.

Lead Consultants typically appear at our customers as experts on a methodological, technological or business topic, e.g. Machine Learning, Security, API Management or Agile. They bring specific technical expertise to projects and lead projects in their discipline.


We live agility every day - also in our employee appraisals. We call this Frequent Check-in. You discuss long-term development goals with your coach from the management in ad-hoc meetings (so-called check-ins). In addition, you have the freedom to obtain project-related target agreements from other members of the management.

What is agile now? You decide when, how regularly and with whom you discuss your performance assessment and personal development in check-ins.


One of the best moments in the life of a consultant is when the customer relies on you and considers him/her a Trusted Advisor. This requires that we skilfully demonstrate our technological, methodological and social competence to customers. For this you can draw from a wide variety of learning formats, goal-oriented and on an individual basis. In addition, you will live a constructive and direct feedback culture with us and learn in exchange. Have fun discovering the learning formats!

The last Friday of the month is very special. That's where you meet your 134 peers with the aim of sharing your experiences with each other. This day is enlivened by workshops, impulse lectures and joint activities. Regular topics are project learnings, latest technologies and everything related to ipt's business. The latest Clue: You also decide which content will be included in the ERFA by co-organizing the ERFA. Already an idea?

In order to be perceived as a Trusted Advisor of the customer, your professional behaviour is decisive for the match. This often does not happen overnight, but through experience and time. That is why learning journeys are designed for sustainability and last several months. On this journey you approach your individual goal step by step. Your peers and coaches accompany you. Learning Journeys are available on various topics and are constantly being developed.

November is our favourite month. Because then we travel for four days in the sun or in the snow.  You can use this time out with us to look back on the year and work out and understand ipt's strategic orientation in workshops. After work is done, we look forward to many activities and fun together.

Every month you have the opportunity to participate in these events after work or to initiate one yourself. You can discuss innovative and promising technologies, specialist topics or methods, apply them directly and exchange knowledge with others. This happens over a cool beer or a glass of wine. And already an idea?

What you can't do with a little time, electricity, WiFi and pizza! Isolated from the outside world you meet in a group at the TechCamp. You immerse yourself in innovative technology and hack what you can to achieve the self-determined task. You present the results at the end of the ERFA.

Of course you will also attend the hippest international conferences and share your insights with your peers. As proof of your skills to customers you will receive various certificates. ;-)