Near real-time data integration at Helsana

Helsana improves customer service with First Contact Resolution thanks to a uniform data view of all processes

Helsana aims to increase customer satisfaction with faster and more efficient service from its customer service staff. The new data integration platform (DPF) makes all information available at all times, thanks to near-real-time synchronization.

Synchronization of data as a strategic issue

Innovative applications need a solid foundation. For this, data must be up-to-date, available and in the desired format. Christian Huber, Head of Front Solution Group at Helsana, recognized early on that data is one of the most valuable assets in a company. Synchronizing this data is a strategic issue because it contributes to the company's ability to innovate.

The previous approach of completely synchronizing data between the systems involved every two weeks no longer meets today's requirements. Customer service employees cannot trust the data in their CRM system 100% and have to manually collect the current data from different back-end systems. This is time-consuming, error-prone and prevents a timely response to customer inquiries.

The health insurance company operates the core system Syrius and introduced Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud as a CRM solution. With this online CRM system, Helsana wants to increase the ability of its customer service employees to provide information.

Helsana relies on a central solution with near-real-time data integration

Together with ipt, Christian Huber implemented a strategic company-wide data platform (DPF). This platform acts as the hub of all data synchronization needs within Helsana. It integrates on-premise systems in its own data center as well as cloud-based applications. The individual applications are only loosely coupled.

«The DPF data platform heralds a paradigm shift in data integration. Away from point-to-point loading to a centralized solution with near-real-time data synchronization.»
Matthias Hert IT-Architect, ipt

DPF is a modern integration solution based on the standard products «Oracle Data Integrator» and «Oracle GoldenGate». These technologies allow to meet the diametrical requirements: on the one hand to process large data volumes quickly and on the other hand to achieve a low latency with small data volumes. Oracle has awarded this solution with an Excellence Award.

DPF enables a near-real-time synchronization of data between any systems. The delay from the time of the data change in one system (e.g. address change in the industry solution) to the tracking of this data change in all affected neighbouring systems is in the single-digit minute range.

Customer service employees can now rely on the data in their CRM system. The data is up-to-date, correct and prepared according to requirements.

«With the DPF, the long frowned upon integration pattern of data integration could be sustainably implemented.»
Christian Huber Head of Front Solution Group, Helsana

Helsana benefits from the new data platform in the long term

Customer service representatives can trust the data in their systems and thus provide customers with an optimal service performance with «First Contact Resolution».

At the same time, the initial effort for connecting new applications is constantly decreasing, as more and more data is available directly in the DPF. The maintenance effort is considerably reduced.

New systems (especially cloud solutions and mobile apps) can be put into operation more quickly because the delivery of all important business data is offered as a service by the DPF.

This was achieved

Data synchronization reduced

From 2 weeks to near-real-time

Customer satisfaction increased

Quality improved

Increased efficiency of customer service staff

Trust in data restored

«With ipt as a partner, we were able to implement the data platform in a short project time and with high quality, despite high project pressure.»
Christian Huber Head of Front Solution Group, Helsana

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