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Helsana reduces time-to-market for new products and services

Helsana automates its business processes and is flexible with its «asset» based approach.

The high volume of paper mail becomes a challenge for Helsana every autumn

In order to cope with the heavy load of offers, new applications, terminations, changes of address and mutations of all kinds every autumn, temporary workers have to be hired and trained every year.

Paper mail places high demands on the entire organisation and is very labour-intensive. The many documents with the relevant information have to be entered manually in various applications. Typing errors mean additional work for the clerks. They must be corrected manually so that the requests can be processed further.

The manual processes are time-consuming to monitor. It is also not possible to obtain timely key figures, such as the number of requests or notices received per day.

Flexible and agile thanks to "asset" based approach

Mail from the various channels (letter post, e-mail, web, mobile) is now delivered centrally to headquarters and - where necessary - converted into electronic formats. Relevant metadata are extracted in the process. They, as well as the documents themselves, are checked syntactically and semantically in the automated business process before being stored in the archive. Afterwards, the metadata is delivered to the corresponding business application, depending on the business case.

The business processes are newly modelled in individual modules, which are joined together declaratively. These building blocks - assets - contain business rules, services or other processes. The "asset" based approach makes the solution flexibly extensible, as the building blocks are put together in new combinations, representing new capabilities. This reduces the time-to-market for new products and services.

Thanks to the powerful features of the Oracle SOA suite, no line of Java code needed to be implemented to automate business processes and integrate with the various IT systems. This lowers maintenance costs, since configuration is done without coding.

Many advantages for Helsana thanks to the new SOA/BPM

«Thanks to the new flexible SOA/BPM platform, we are able to offer new products and services to the market faster», says Jürg Hüsser, Head of Multi Project Management.

By automating business processes, efficiency and quality could be increased, lead times shortened and customer satisfaction increased. In addition, decision-makers can be provided with timely key figures for managing the company.

The elimination of manual processes enabled costs to be reduced and relieved employees of simple recording and correction tasks. Today, the clerks can be deployed in a more targeted and profitable manner for customer care.

Today, the new SOA/BPM platform provides over 20 business services that can be reused as building blocks - assets - for future integration requirements for further business process automation.

The advantages of the project

Efficiency increased

Increased quality

Lead times shortened

Customer satisfaction increased

«The asset-based approach proposed by ipt, together with the Oracle Fusion Middleware Stack, enabled a fast and flexible realization of business processes.»
Armin Eisendle Head of Development, Helsana Versicherungen

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