Swiss Re reduces effort and costs with the new B2B platform

It can now react more flexibly and quickly to customer needs and new market conditions.

The manual data traffic is digitized to shorten the long processing times

Swiss Re, one of the world's largest reinsurers, is active in over 20 countries. In the accounting and claims area alone, more than one million transactions are made every year. Until 2001, these were handled manually, which was time-consuming and cost-intensive: a simple invoice took more than 100 days on average. At the same time, manual data processing blocked valuable personnel resources.

Manual data traffic is to be replaced by an electronic solution. The aim is to cut operating costs and reduce the time required for invoicing by 70 percent. Last but not least, the processing of transactions for brokers is to be simplified and accelerated. All this with a flexible solution that can be quickly adapted to changing customer needs, products and market conditions.

With the latest technologies to the new B2B platform

In 2001 Swiss Re gave the green light for the development of an electronic B2B platform. Business analysts from Swiss Re and technology experts from ipt worked closely together to develop a tailor-made B2B solution. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies (SOA/BPM), the coding effort and thus the maintenance costs could be reduced in the long term and a successful migration between the technology generations was guaranteed. The short release cycles enable a high degree of flexibility and a rapid response to changing customer needs and new market conditions.

«The use of modern technologies and the cooperation on site with a strong partner were and are key enablers for the expansion of the B2B market.»
Sven Scandella Swiss Re

The SOA/BPM platform pays off for Swiss Re

In the meantime, Swiss Re can look back on 10 years of successful operation of the B2B platform. The share of electronic transactions was increased to 25% of all transactions. The annual survey conducted among brokers confirms the great importance of process throughput times and the improvements achieved.

The elimination of manual processes made it possible to relieve valuable employees of simple tasks: these specialists can now be deployed in a more targeted and profitable manner. The data quality and transparency is also significantly higher, as less manual manipulation is required.

«Broker feedback confirms the success of the flexible B2B platform.»
Sven Scandella Swiss Re

The expansion and continuous improvement of electronic client connections remains a strategic goal of Swiss Re. The aim is to cover all major brokers and insurers, corresponding to 50% of all transactions. At the same time, further processes are constantly being converted to the B2B platform. As part of a managed service, ipt has been responsible since the beginning of 2012 for continuously increasing the efficiency of the B2B platform's operations.

This was achieved


all transactions are electronic


Reduction of process throughput times

Increased data quality and transparency

Customer satisfaction greatly increased

More human resources for projects

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