Three steps to a procedure for AI

An AI concept helps to implement the goals of your corporate strategy.

The great potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undisputed and will change our world and your business quite a bit.

AI is also very relevant for Swiss companies - regardless of their size. Especially companies that can specifically rely on AI through their own IT department are recommended to use AI for themselves.

AI not only promotes your business success, it also makes your company more flexible and agile.

Create enterprise value with AI and Data and benefit from ...

  • improved interaction with your customers.
  • more efficient work through optimized and automated processes. This saves costs and provides you with more personnel resources for important projects.
  • empowered employees by having relevant information at hand for important decisions (Augmented Intelligence).
  • further developed products and business models. We believe in a strong interaction between AI technologies and business processes.

In 3 steps to your own AI strategy and implementation idea

Tackling the large and complex issue of AI for your own company can be very challenging. We have gathered our expertise and experience for you and developed a 3-step procedure.

Your experts on AI & Data

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The ipt process model for AI offers you this

  • structured approach on how to develop your company into an AI Company.
  • an overview with all important areas that need to be considered in AI.
  • das AI-Vorgehen in 4 Seiten auf den Punkt gebracht – plakativ und klar.
  • tested and proven: we use this model ourselves for our customers.

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