DevOps process model

More and more companies must be able to react quickly and flexibly to market changes. At the same time, they must be able to operate efficiently and cost-effect

Successful, future-oriented Swiss companies such as Swisscom, Swiss Post or Helsana are therefore already relying on DevOps. And for good reasons.

4 arguments for a DevOps organization

  1. Your IT is more efficient - and so is your business.
  2. You achieve more in the same time with the same resources than before.
  3. You are more flexible and can react immediately to market changes and the needs of your customers.
  4. You bring new features and innovations to market faster - while they are still new and innovative.

Through interdisciplinary cooperation and greater responsibility, your employees are much closer to the result.

At the same time, technological process optimization and automation increase the speed and quality of the output. In addition, costs are reduced and personnel resources for market value-enhancing projects and measures increase.

But how do you implement the complex and multi-layered DevOps philosophy in your company?

You would like to advance your business with DevOps, but are not sure how to approach it? Because your company has different needs, circumstances and not the same corporate culture as other companies. And there are many other components to consider.

There is not one solution. But a phased approach can also help you to introduce DevOps in your personal company context. With our DevOps procedure model you receive a battle plan with tips for each phase - for an individually implementable solution.

The ipt process model for DevOps offers you this

  • A guide on how to implement DevOps in your company individually tailored to your needs - we also apply this model to our customers.
  • Clarity about what DevOps can do for your company.
  • The confirmation that DevOps is not just some trend that disappears again. Countless Swiss companies rely on DevOps in their IT (or in several departments - BizDevOps). We will name a few of them.

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