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Cloud market CH 2020: Finance and insurance industry on the way to the cloud

Swiss financial service providers and insurance companies benefit from the advantages of the public cloud. After initial hesitation, they are now stepping on the gas. An analysis.

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6 Trends around the Cloud

Digitalization forces the IT of every company to rethink. More innovation, more flexibility and maximum scalability are in demand - and that with increasing cost pressure. The cloud offers the answer to these requirements. Certain trends are emerging.

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Pocathon - Product decisions in days instead of months

Agile organizations require quick decisions, also when it comes to product deployment. Classical Proof of Concepts (PoC) are not very helpful in this respect. With a Pocathon, a PoC in the form of a hackathon, a product decision can be made in a few days instead of months.

In the following articles you will learn about the advantages of an evaluation with a Pocathon: Pocathon: Make an Agile Product Decision in 3 Days
Success Story Pocathon@CSS Insurance