6 Trends around the Cloud

More innovation, more flexibility and maximum scalability - that's what the cloud stands for. The following trends are emerging.

  1. Public-Cloud-first-Strategy

    Companies are advanced in their cloud journeys and want to benefit even more from the advantages (innovation, higher value/managed services, flexibility) of the public cloud. It is the first choice for many companies.

  2. Multi-cloud approaches vs. vendor lock-in

    The dependency on one provider is eliminated by multi-cloud. A step towards best-of-breed, the right cloud for the right challenge. At the same time, multi-cloud can be used to optimize operations. This is easily possible thanks to multi-cloud solutions like Anthos or service mesh like Istio.

  3. Service Mesh

    More intelligent load balancing, multiple deployment setups, and application integration into multi-cloud setups. A good example is Istio.

  4. Increased cloud-native development

    Application development is increasingly cloud-native on PaaS or containers/cubernets. The trend is towards serverless. This reduces vertical integration, shortens time-to-market and lowers operating costs.

  5. Open Source with major cloud providers

    Complete in-house development of cloud services by large companies is on the decline. The trend is towards the adoption of open source standard stacks and the integration of established open source tools/frameworks. We observe this development in the context of AI/Analytics, container platforms and DevOps automation with CI/CD.

  6. Zero-datacenter strategies thanks to Swiss public clouds

    Even companies with sensitive data can rely on the public cloud thanks to Swiss data centers. Zero data center strategies are thus also possible in Switzerland.

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