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IT for insurance companies

Two trends dominate the insurance industry: Customer centricity to improve the customer experience and increased efficiency in processes to reduce administrative costs. With custom IT solutions based on modern technologies, you can address these trends quickly and sustainably. We support you as a long-standing IT partner in the insurance industry.


The quoting and application process and the seamlessly integrated underwriting process contain manual work steps in many situations. In order for the insurance policy to be delivered to the customer immediately after the online transaction is completed, these processes must be automated holistically; thus, end-to-end instead of partially.


With a flexible set of rules or AI models and agile process orchestration based on microservices, the manual process steps can be automated and seamlessly integrated into the quoting and application system and the related backend systems. In case of seasonal fluctuations, scaling can be performed as needed.

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Customer centricity and increases in efficiency may compete with each other. The more efficient and automated a process becomes for the insurer, the more company-centric and rigid the process generally becomes and the less personalization and customer-centricity is possible. Accordingly, the two goals must be closely aligned.


Increased efficiency can be achieved by means of end-to-end integration between frontend and backend systems. Customer centricity is achieved by tailoring processes to the customer in the frontend systems and translating these processes to the rigid backend processes via process orchestration.

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Many practices and tools around customer journey management focus on marketing and sales. The challenge in achieving sustainable customer satisfaction lies in the holistic view of the customer journey; thus, from marketing to sales, to client services and benefits, etc.


Using so-called experience dialogs, customer journey situations can be modeled in fine granularity and linked with measures. Thereby, every customer situation can be designed proactively in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. At the same time, up- and cross-selling potential can be identified and addressed.

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