C-level magazine 3|2020

Into the cloud with a clear conscience

Azure, AWS and Google enable faster time-to-market and greater efficiency through their cloud services. But what is the legal situation regarding the processing of confidential customer data in the cloud and how can data security be guaranteed? In C-Level magazine, ipt cloud experts Matthias Buchs and Cyrill Rüttimann point out the differences between traditional on-permises and cloud security.

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C-level magazine 1|2020

Security in times of opening and speed

Security is more important than ever due to the increasing number of interfaces and thus an increased attack surface. But it is in conflict with agility and speed. «Organizations must define for themselves how they can securely build and operate applications and infrastructure with new requirements,» notes Matthias Buchs an.

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C-level magazine 4|2019

Social acceptance - 6 ethical principles for AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not always meet with open arms. In the C-Level Viewpoint, ipt AI expert Cyrill Rüttimann shows the ethical principles that are essential to counteract doubters, criminals, discrimination and the violation of fundamental rights.

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C-level magazine 3|2019

In 3 steps to the AI strategy

In C-Level magazine, ipt AI expert Dr. Yves Brise explains why Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make the breakthrough this time. He shows why you cannot do without an AI strategy for your company and how you can achieve one in three steps.

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News from August 19, 2019

Kununu Ranking: ipt on podium for outstanding team spirit

Recently, kununu selected those Swiss employers with the best colleague cohesion. We belong to the best three!

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News from January 14, 2019

ipt is new Google Cloud Partner

Like Google, we at ipt believe that the cloud is the future of IT. Google is a leader in machine learning and AI. Areas in which ipt is investing heavily in expertise and now has a partner in Google to drive research and development there.

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C-level magazine 4|2018

Agility and innovation in the age of digitalisation

In C-Level magazine, ipt experts Karin Altorfer and Daniel Albisser talk about what agility and innovation mean to them in the context of digitisation.

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C-level magazine 4|2018

The agile target-operation model

A new agile Target Operating Model (TOM), the solution for agility, speed and innovation in the enterprise?

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C-level magazine 3|2018

The basics of data-driven business

Over the last few years, Big Data has evolved into Data-Driven Business. But what is data-driven business, what does it mean for companies and what business benefits can be derived from it?

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Computerworld, June 25, 2018

SRK successful at the Hackathon of ipt

Innovate your future - this was the motto of this year's ipt hackathon on 22 & 23 June 2018. The goal was to develop new and innovative business solutions and first prototypes within two days.

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News from November 29, 2017

The top 20 software architects in the DACH region

Future Network Cert honors the top requirements engineers and top software architects in the DACH region.

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News from September 7, 2017

ipt is a Red Hat Premier Partner

On August 14, 2017, the open source provider Red Hat appointed ipt as Premier Partner. ipt achieved this status thanks to its proven expertise, commitment and professionalism. The sys-temintegrator thus gains access to the open source technologies of Red Hat.

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C-level magazine 4|2017

Digitization - just doing nothing is not an option

What does integration, customer engagement and exploratory approach have to do with end-to-end digitisation? An attempt to explain.

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C-level magazine 2|2107

Interview with Peter Graef «The 2nd wave of digitalisation».

The magazine C-Level had dedicated its latest issue to the topic «The next wave of digitisation». CEO Peter Graef Red was interviewed and answered questions about where he sees the starting points for the second wave of digitization, what are currently the biggest challenges facing companies and how ipt is addressing them.

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C-level magazine Digital Shapers|2017

Opening up digital ecosystems with APIs

The change in IT is taking place at an increasingly rapid pace and it is not possible to predict where the journey will take us.

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Netzwoche 7|2015

Cloud integration is the key to success

Digitization poses new challenges for IT. The use of cloud solutions plays a central role in this. Companies are becoming increasingly networked and the importance of integration is growing exponentially. Hybrid integration approaches that link the cloud and on-premise worlds are in demand - today and in the future. Cloud integration is the key to success for a hybrid IT landscape.

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Handleszeitung 24|2015

SKO LeaderCircle - Flexible working models

Flexible working models allow more freedom for the employee. They are also important for companies to adapt resources to changing market requirements and to cooperate across borders.

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C-level magazine 2|2020

C-level: Enormous automation potential in business processes

Thomas Schaller, Managing Partner at ipt and expert in process automation, shows in C-Level magazine the great potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of business process automation.

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News from February 20, 2014

Continuous improvement of customs systems - cost reduction potential for SMEs

The existing customs clearance solutions of the Federal Customs Administration are mainly aimed at freight forwarders and large companies, or at occasional customs declarants. There is potential in the area of a portal geared to the needs of small and medium-sized companies in order to reduce the administrative workload for this customer group.

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