Computerworld: SRK successful at ipt hackathon

A team of computer scientists from the Swiss Red Cross SRK won the hackathon of the IT service provider ipt. The SBB convinced with an ML project.

Innovate your future - this was the motto of this year's ipt hackathon on 22 & 23 June 2018. The goal was to develop new and innovative business solutions and first prototypes within two days.

28 hours, 100 experts, 15 companies

During 28 hours, around 100 experts in 15 teams developed ideas and solutions using leading-edge technologies. Swiss companies such as Swiss Airlines, the Swiss Red Cross, SBB, AXA-ARAG, Generali, Visana, Swisscom and many more were on site. Each team pursued a different business case of the respective company. An excerpt:

  • The SRC worked together with ipt on a search platform for refugees that functions on a purely visual basis and completely anonymously.
  • Together with Swiss Airlines, predictive analytics was used to predict pilot fatigue and adjust flight plans accordingly.
  • At AXA-ARAG, the focus was on the automated evaluation of job references.
  • For the SBB, a predictive maintenance solution was developed, whose image recognition is machine learning based.

With the third edition of the Hackathon, ipt has not only demonstrated its innovative power and willingness to advance its clients with new ideas. They also demonstrated the existing potential of the technologies used and their versatility in terms of new business solutions.

Read more about this in the Computerworld report.

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