ipt is new Google Cloud Partner

Expanded know-how and range of services thanks to new partnership

News from January 14, 2019: Like Google, we at ipt believe that the cloud is the future of IT. Google is a leader in machine learning and AI. Areas in which ipt is investing heavily in expertise and now has a partner in Google to drive research and development there. Google's Cloud offering not only complements ipt's portfolio of highly innovative Cloud services, it also complements our expertise in data analytics, machine learning and chatbots, as well as in the area of DevOps with CI/CD, microservices, containerisation and serverless.

«Together, Google's product experts and ipt's project experts can quickly and agilely work with customers to build solutions that deliver real market benefits.»
Thomas Schaller Managing Partner

With its cloud services, Google is now making the algorithms on which its own services such as YouTube, search or Gmail are based available to companies for the first time. In addition, the lock-in effect is minimized by the open source technologies. Cyber security is very high on the agenda and is based on Google's many years of experience with its exposed, constantly under attack services (YouTube, search, Gmail, etc.).

Companies thus benefit from a comprehensive and proven cloud offer with years of optimization and stabilization of services. The Google data center in Switzerland, announced for 2019, will also enable compliance requirements to be better addressed.

«We support our customers from strategy to implementation and develop modern individual solutions for you on the Google Cloud platform.»
Thomas Schaller Managing Partner

ipt can provide its customers with optimal advice on when and where these services can be used appropriately and profitably.