Kununu Ranking: ipt on podium for outstanding team spirit

Recently, kununu selected those Swiss employers with the best colleague cohesion. We belong to the best three!

News from 19 August 2019: kununu is currently - with over 3.5 million ratings for more than 900,000 companies - the largest employer rating platform in Europe. The kununu ranking of the companies with the best and worst colleague cohesion in Switzerland considered every employer who received at least 34 ratings and at least one new rating in the last 6 months on kununu by the end of July 2019. Personnel service providers were excluded from the ranking.

We're in the top three!

This proves once again that we have a very strong cohesion among colleagues. Our employees come first. Together we define the ipt. Thanks to our simple company structures, our employees can develop freely in terms of their subject matter and professional expertise, and can achieve great things together. There are no limits to what they can do.

Active employees = active company: the latest format is the ipt-BookClub

Our people take the initiative to strengthen the cooperation with various joint activities. This year, for example, we have launched a completely new format: the ipt-BookClub. The BookClub regularly selects a current book that deals with aspects of business, organisation, ethics, economics or technology. This brings together the perspectives of different employees and all are invited to actively participate in the discussion. But it goes far beyond a discussion. The participants decide on direct measures on the spot. These are then implemented immediately. The BookClub helps us to test unconventional ideas even faster and to break new ground.

We share our time and also the bonus

Another important element of cohesion is that all employees receive the same bonus. This, in turn, promotes team spirit and invalidates lone wolves. Sharing is Caring - that is what we live by in all areas of ipt.