Netzwoche: Cloud integration is the key to success

Digitization poses new challenges for IT. Companies are becoming increasingly networked and the importance of integration is growing exponentially.

Digitization places new demands on IT departments. For modern IT, the step into the cloud plays a central role in sourcing issues and time-to-market. Cloud brings obvious advantages: besides more flexibility and higher availability, costs are also lower. Because development is easier, it is also faster. No hardware or maintenance is required, updates are automatic and billing is transparently usage-based. The cloud provides full scalability and elasticity.

By extending IT towards the cloud, it is evolving into a hybrid IT with a mixture of cloud and on-premise systems. Company boundaries are increasingly dissolving and IT is confronted with various challenges related to integration and security: How can data from a CRM SaaS solution be securely exchanged with on-premise SAP? Which system is responsible for customer data? How can users log in to SaaS applications with the usual logins?

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