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DevOps Strategie

Optimized value stream thanks to end-to-end responsibility

With DevOps your teams will be in top form

DevOps starts at management level and must be enabled and promoted from the very top. In addition to technological modernization and organizational changes, corporate culture also plays an important role.

The teams work together on an interdisciplinary basis. Developers, business analysts, testers and operational staff are no longer set up separately.

End-to-end responsibility and greater decision-making scope will enable employees to act more efficiently and effectively. Repetitive tasks are automated, which creates more freedom and time for important and beneficial work.

Why DevOps?

Shorter time to market

Become more agile and bring new functionalities to market faster.

Even more qualitative

Increase the quality of output and end-to-end responsibility in teams.

Be closer to the customer and react fast

Be closer to the customer and react faster to changes in customer needs.

Attractive employer

Become an attractive employer through modern working methods and technologies.

Focus on customer needs

Through feedback loops, you as a company are closer to the customer and can adapt the software to their needs. Thanks to agility you can react faster and more flexibly to market changes.

Exploit the full potential of DevOps in your company

The full potential of DevOps unfolds through the technical foundation. Infrastructures and pipelines are virtualized «as code» and built automatically at the push of a button. Software is also tested and rolled out automatically. This not only makes you much more efficient, but also increases the quality, stability and security of your software.

3 Facts about the DevOps strategy

  1. The transformation towards DevOps (BizDevOps) changes the culture in your company. This takes time. 

  2. The self-organized DevOps teams depend on technical skills, a high level of teamwork, a strong toolstack and the support of the management.

  3. DevOps is not a miracle cure. But it enables interdisciplinary cooperation at eye level, more speed, leaner processes and an increased focus on customer benefit.

The ipt process model for DevOps offers you this

  • A guide on how to implement DevOps in your company individually tailored to your needs - we also apply this model to our customers.
  • Clarity about what DevOps can do for your company.
  • Confirmation that DevOps is not just some trend that disappears. Countless Swiss companies rely on DevOps in their IT (or in several departments - BizDevOps). We will name a few of them.

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