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I&O Transformation

From classic operator to business enabler

I&O departments must continue to develop

The way software is developed and operated has changed dramatically in recent years. Development is agile, in interdisciplinary product teams, on the most modern native cloud services. And the software solutions are operated according to DevOps principles in a public cloud of the big hyper scalers. 

Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) departments have to keep up with the digital change and develop from "classic operators" to business enablers. Otherwise, their customers (business, development departments) will look to the large hyperscalers for quick alternatives.

And to ensure that the rapid technological development does not simply pass by the I&O employees and land them on the siding, the I&O departments are obliged to pick up on technological trends such as Cloud, DevOps and AI, but also to bring about procedural and organisational changes.

Why transform I&O?

Business Enablement

Their operation supports the development of specialist applications optimally and unbeatably fast.

Modern IT services

Offer your internal customers advanced IT services – automated, standardized, secure.

Increase in efficiency

Make automation a priority and ensure IT compliance with DevSecOps.

Attractive employer

Ensure that your employees are continuously trained on the latest technologies.

Technology and organization in step

With our experience from various Cloud and DevOps mandates, we advise and support you from A to Z in the realignment and transformation of your I&O department:

  • Definition of the I&O target image along the dimensions organization and technology
  • Definition of the Target Operating Model
  • Detailed assessment of your application landscape
  • Evaluation of the technical target platform 
  • Definition of migration strategy for the application landscape 
  • Cost & benefit analysis
  • Construction and automation of the technical target platforms
  • Step-by-step migration of your application landscape
  • Organizational transformation and enablement of your organization

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