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Data Governance & Data Management

Your data is available in an interdisciplinary, efficient, qualitative and secure way

Added value process around your data

Decisions are made based on data. Customers demand 24-hour availability, which means that data must be prepared and networked in an increasingly automated way. 

As a result, the challenges in data governance and data management are growing.

Data governance and data management enable you to have one access point (data hub) across departments, projects and platforms - with a clear view, control and monitoring of which data is used when and for what. 

This ensures that data is available in the desired quality, securely and at the right time.

Why Data Governance & Data Management?

Network your data

Use clear and simple processes to make data available in the organization.

Reduce risks

Protect your data. This reduces the risk of data loss and damage to your reputation.

More speed

Automate data handling processes and achieve a shorter throughput time.

With our data governance and data management concept, you can address the fact that your data...

  • be prepared and integrated automatically
  • be available in a reusable model and can be enriched with metadata and master data 
  • categorized, anonymized and encrypted are protected from unauthorized access
  • are protected against data leakage
  • their quality is monitored and improved in accordance with regulatory requirements and laws

4 Facts about Data Governance & Data Management

  1. In AI projects 60% of time is spent on data management.
  2. Data governance has a lot to do with technology. It is about pipelines, data cleansing, schema enforcement, auditing and monitoring. It is not only about concepts.
  3. Data Governance is becoming more and more important in silo-crossing application landscapes and ecosystem worlds.
  4. Data governance and data management aim to ensure that data assets can be used to create value.