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Data Platform & Data Engineering

Your foundation for the efficient use, processing and analysis of data

Process your data purposefully and profitably

The amount of data available for processing is growing exponentially - plus 40% per year. Data is the gold of today. 

But data only becomes really valuable when it is available at the right time and in the right place. We call the intelligent use of data Smart Data.

And deliver a consistent and optimal customer experience 

One of Smart Data's goals is to create a 360° view of the customer across silos and to take a first step towards proactivity.  

You want to serve the customer with what he needs right now. Presenting an offer that is personally tailored to the customer at the right time in the right place. 

Why Data Platform & Data Engineering?

Smart data

Break down silos and bring data together - for an enterprise-wide 360° view.

More speed

Process large amounts of data in a short time. Changes are distributed everywhere within seconds.

Faster cycles

Deliver results even faster thanks to a shorter data-to-market.

New opportunities

Simply make your data assets available. Create the conditions for AI and ML.

  1. Data Platform and Integration: Store and link your data optimally and make it accessible.
  2. Data Analysis and Processing: Transform and process your data in ETL or real-time. Gather insights and develop models for automated decisions.
  3. Process connectivity: Leverage data and insights for AI and ML use cases. For example, for processes, as decision support or intelligence-enhanced services.

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