Cloud Automation & Management

Manage your cloud resources efficiently and transparently

Automation and central management counteract the increasing complexity

The use of cloud technologies brings many advantages in the development of software solutions. At the same time, however, it increases the complexity of IT solutions in terms of management and operation. 

With consistent automation and central cloud management, you can master the increasing complexity and ensure efficient operation. In addition, DevSecOps processes allow you to ensure and centrally control governance and compliance guidelines.

Furthermore, autonomous product teams can operate their applications independently and efficiently in self-service.

Why Cloud Automation & Management?

Complexity under control

Thanks to continuous automation and central cloud management.

Shorter change cycles

Automation brings speed to development and stability to operation.

Consistent DevSecOps processes

Enables autonomous product teams to work together and operate efficiently.

Governance & Compliance under control

Transparent compliance thanks to automated policies and traceable for audits at any time.

Expertise & Technology

  • Building and automating complex cloud environments on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services or OpenShift. 
  • Development of a self-service portal, which enables the cooperation between Dev and Ops. Autonomous product teams can thus adapt their applications in short change cycles and ensure operation at the same time. This is done in compliance with specified governance and compliance guidelines. 

Digitalization forces the IT of every company to rethink. More innovation, more flexibility and maximum scalability are required - and this with increasing cost pressure. The cloud provides the answer to these demands. Certain trends are emerging.