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Cloud & Container Platforms

The modern foundation for software solutions in your company

Cloud and container platforms, the data centers of the future

They are indispensable in this day and age. In many companies, they are virtually set as standard - and rightly so.

With cloud and container platforms, you keep pace with the times and benefit even more from the advantages of cloud technologies. At the same time, with cloud and container platforms, you are continuously modernising your IT to keep pace with the industrialisation of IT.

Why Cloud & Container Platforms?

More innovation and agility

With the Public Cloud you are always on the pulse of time and simply try out new things.

Reduced vertical range of manufacture

Focus on your core competencies. Go with the industrialization of IT.

Shorter time-to-market

Bring your software solutions to market faster and with more flexibility.

Cost optimization

Optimize your costs according to the situation with the elastic use of cloud services.

Build and deploy your cloud and container platform

We are happy to support you in the design, engineering of your cloud or container platform and modernization of your IT infrastructure:

  • Basic setup like network zoning
  • Perimeter protection
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Monitoring
  • Billing
  • DevOps automation with CI/CD
  • Migration/modernization of applications
  • New development of cloud-native applications

Together we will build and operationalize your cloud or container platform. With an objective view and product neutrality, we bring our knowledge and experience to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and RedHat OpenShift. All four providers also enable containers/cubernets to be operated on their platforms.