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Cloud Strategy

The first step towards a cloud-first company

Start with a cloud strategy

Cloud is the data center of the future and therefore the foundation of all modern IT - more innovation, more flexibility and maximum scalability.

In order to develop your company towards the cloud-first, you need a tailor-made strategy.

It should define a clear vision with strategic goals and show a step-by-step approach along concrete directions.

Why Cloud Strategy & Transformation?

Clear strategic direction

Show your IT the way to the future with the cloud strategy.

Tailored approach

Develop your cloud strategy with appropriate goals and roadmap.

Into the Cloud, but economically

Transform your IT into the cloud in a low-risk, cost-efficient and beneficial way.

The building blocks of a cloud-first strategy

This allows you to continuously and profitably grow your business into a cloud-first company.

  • Actual / target analysis and benefit analysis
  • Vision & definition of goals
  • Directions and roadmap
  • Risk assessment
  • Migration strategy Implementation planning

Your experts on cloud strategy/transformation

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Process model for transformation into the cloud - what it offers

  • Structured approach to how you can bring your company optimally into the cloud.
  • An overview with all important points, requirements and intermediate steps that need to be taken into account during the transformation to the cloud.
  • The Cloud Transformation in 4 pages - bold and clear.
  • Tested and proven: We use this model for our customers ourselves.