Cloud Transformation

Transform your IT successfully into the public cloud

Beneficially migrate your application landscape into the cloud

Public Cloud, Multi Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud - what is the right thing for you? Analyse your current application landscape and define your personal migration strategy.

Lift-and-shift, modernization, new construction or replacement - what is the best strategy for migrating your application landscape to the cloud?

Why Cloud Tranformation?

Basis for the future

Create the optimal foundation for your IT with the migration to the public cloud.

Reduced vertical integration

Focus on your core competencies. Go with the industrialization of IT.

Shorter time-to-market

Bring your software solutions to market faster and with more flexibility.

Into the cloud, but economically

Migrate your application landscape into the cloud with low risk, cost efficiency and benefits.

Digitalization forces the IT of every company to rethink. More innovation, more flexibility and maximum scalability are required - and this with increasing cost pressure. The cloud provides the answer to these demands. Certain trends are emerging.

Have you already answered these questions for yourself?

  • What business benefits do I want to address as IT with the cloud? 

  • Is it primarily a matter of strengthening the innovative power in the company, the continuous modernization of the application landscape through cloud-native developments or do we want to pursue a rigorous zero-data center strategy?

  • What is the right approach and what are the right architecture and security concepts?

  • How do I migrate my current application landscape into the public cloud?

  • How do I operate the application landscape in the public cloud?

  • What does this mean from an economic point of view compared to today's IT costs?