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API Strategy & Management

Identify and exploit business potential

Identify potentials to create added value

Know not only your path, but also the destination where you want to go.

With an API strategy you create clarity and identify your business potential. For example through API products (API-as-a-Product), new business models and digital ecosystems or in integration and faster time-to-market.

The API strategy is embedded in your corporate strategy and supports your business objectives.

Why API Strategy & Management?

Achieve business goals

Identify how API can support your strategy and help you achieve your goal.

Provide added value to customers

Create a market advantage with a customer-centric value chain.

Conquer new markets

Diversify with new business models and stay relevant.

Increase sales

Make more money by directly or indirectly monetizing your APIs.

Make new value propositions possible through APIs

To be successful, you must provide relevant services through a platform. API Product Management defines these services on the basis of company assets. 

API Product Management combines the entrepreneurship mindset with IT know-how and a customer-centric perspective. This creates innovative new business models with new revenue streams.

Diversification is more important than ever in today's rapidly changing digital environment in order to remain relevant to the market and secure its future.

4 points you should consider in your API strategy

  • Identify use cases to measurably demonstrate and achieve business benefits.
  • Gain experience of how Open API can influence business models and draw your own conclusions.
  • Evaluate how Continuous API Management can be integrated into the system landscape.
  • Digitalize your business processes.

How to generate customer-centric added value with API strategy and continuous API management

Create a roadmap of which APIs and API products to develop. Get a market overview of what others in the same industry are doing with APIs.

Develop the right APIs properly with API Product Management

APIs should be a value proposition and not a purely technical application.

A very successful approach to this: the outside-in approach. This approach is customer-centric.

After all, it's not about the number of published APIs, but the value they deliver to the target group.