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Application, B2B & B2C Security

Safely open up new channels and integrate systems.

Open your business securely

Customers and partners want to be able to interact with companies through various channels. The more the company is opened to the outside world, the more vulnerable it becomes.

Protect yourself from threats on the application layer as well. After all, the damage can range from damage to reputation and loss of revenue to the threat to the company's very existence.

In the case of application, B2B and B2C security, it is important to consider and cover the overall context end-to-end. An isolated consideration bears the risk of leaks or incompatibilities between connected systems.

Why Application, B2B & B2C Security

Safe in all channels

Ensure the security of your systems and data even if you open yourself to the outside world.

Protection and safeguarding

Reduce the risk of damage to reputation, loss of revenue and data outflow.

Reduce risk

Identify problems early and reduce any risks.

Everything by the book

Make sure that all regulations, requirements and laws are followed.

End-to-end security for your applications

Holistic know-how in the approaches and technologies as well as the corresponding awareness are crucial. 

It is important to adopt a systematic approach that takes into account the respective circumstances, such as the IT landscape, risk tolerance and regulations.

Conception / Requirements Engineering

  • What does it all take in terms of security?
  • How much is necessary? (cost optimization)
  • What skills need to be developed?


  • What does your uniform solution look like according to best practice? Security, consistency and therefore cost optimization (no 3 different solutions for the same problem)


  • Do you have the know-how for the implementation on cloud, middleware and platforms?

Application, B2B & B2C security tips from our experts

  • Through digitalization, companies must inevitably open up - B2C as well as B2B. The increased vulnerability should be addressed accordingly, as weak points are actively searched for and found - and automatically.

  • More and more often, security attacks occur on the application layer. You should therefore rely on established standards, technologies and approaches to protect yourself.

  • Whenever possible, use existing functionalities, for example by means of configuration in platforms and middleware or by using frameworks or libraries. This accelerates the implementation. In addition, the implementation of security code is difficult and is only for very few people part of the core business and therefore differentiation. 

  • Automation during implementation prevents human error and brings consistency and speed.

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