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IAM & Digital Customer Onboarding

Secure authorization processes with best user experience

Secure authorization processes for all IT systems, portals, APIs and apps

Identity and Access Management (IAM) and digital customer onboarding are more important than ever. Customers expect to be able to obtain and use everything, anywhere, anytime and immediately. This requires onboarding with immediate and complete processing.

Authentication and authorization mechanisms need to be rethought and adapted conceptually when you digitize your customer interface or move your IT applications from your own data center to the cloud and to mobile devices.

In addition, IT systems and accesses multiply and the identity and access management architecture becomes more complex. The number of identities and authentication means is increasing substantially.

Why IAM & Digital Customer Onboarding?

Immediate Customer Onboarding

Enable customers to register on portals and IT solutions 24/7 with immediate effect.

Excellent customer experience

Create secure front-end solutions that do not compromise the customer experience.

Relieve customer service

Avoid requests for forgotten passwords thanks to social account logins (Facebook, Google ...).

Secure and traceable

Make sure that the authorization processes are controlled and audited.

This is what IAM and digital customer onboarding requires

  • In order to ensure compliance and security, it is important to set up a consistent authorization management system. It must be clearly defined which user identities, on which systems, have which access rights.

  • The users (customers, partners, employees) expect uncomplicated access to IT systems, portals, APIs and mobile apps. All accesses should take place via one and the same login, e.g. via a social account such as Facebook or Google.

  • The customer experience need not suffer from the security of your applications. You should therefore focus on an excellent customer experience and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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