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Microservices & digital portals

Creating added value through high automation and digital interfaces to customers and partners

Digitally and customer-centric thanks to microservices and digital portals

Customers expect companies to make use of modern technological possibilities and to align their processes in a customer-centric way. Services should be immediately available at all times, without manual steps or verification lasting several days.

Lightweight microservice solutions can improve the digital customer experience. They are flexible, changeable and expandable and can be implemented within the shortest possible time.

Through digital portals, you enable customers and partners to easily interact with your company digitally. This not only increases the customer experience and customer satisfaction, but also reduces internal effort.

Why microservices & digital portals?

Differentiation by customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction with digital 24/7 self services.

Increase efficiency

Become more efficient with tailor-made IT solutions, optimally adapted to your processes.

Short time-to-market

Implement your IT solutions in a short time, thanks to flexible, rapidly changeable microservices.

3 tips on front-to-back integration for digitizing your customer interface

  1. Backend systems are often not available 24/7, but portals must be. You can solve this by means of state-of-the-art integration between frontend and backend.

  2. Backend systems are company-centered, while portals are customer-centered. When implementing portals, this paradigm shift needs to be addressed. This can be solved with so-called "Backends for Frontends".

  3. In order to successfully implement your microservices projects, you must pay attention to the following aspects: Microservice architecture, technology stack adapted to it (e.g. Java Spring Boot and Angular) and agile software development method according to DevOps.