Security in times of opening and speed

The trends towards greater distribution and opening of IT systems as well as more flexible and faster implementation pose new challenges for security.

2 solution modules to push your digitization while increasing speed and security

1. systematic foundation through reference architecture

A reference architecture provides orientation in new use cases such as B2B, mobile, cloud and IoT. It defines the necessary components and their interaction patterns such as standards (compatibility) or externalization of security functionalities («Separation of Concerns»).

«Without a reference architecture, companies lack a framework where security is implemented.»
Matthias Buchs Associate Partner ipt

2. Continuous compliance - the continuous verification of policies through automation

Through automation and the close cooperation of security specialists with the DevOps teams, bottlenecks are avoided and the security of your applications is guaranteed.

Best practices, laws and regulations are thus continuously monitored with Continuous Compliance.

«In production, the systems can be checked for compliance and weaknesses, which significantly reduces the attack surface.»
Matthias Buchs Associate Partner ipt

Read the entire article by our security expert Matthias Buchs published in C-level magazine 1|2020.