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With modern cloud-native technologies, companies can implement new digital offerings and digitize existing processes. Agile organizational forms and methods can drastically reduce time to market for IT. However, only a modern integration platform can deliver data to the right place at the right time. Data should be consumable via self-services, integration routes should be implementable independently by product teams, events should orchestrate digital processes, and governance and security requirements need to be met. We provide answers and support your company in turning this vision into reality.

Distributed Integration

A central integration team becomes a bottleneck with rapidly changing requirements from the product teams. Therefore, it is important to empower the product teams to develop integration processes autonomously. We provide support from conceptualization to implementation of the platform and its associated transformation.

Decoupling of IT systems

The modernization of applications should be transparent to the user and occur without downtime. To achieve this goal, it is essential to design APIs intelligently. We are familiar with the corresponding concepts and architectural tools to implement this goal together with your company.

API management and self-service portals

Finding the right interface is a challenge for product teams. API management helps to maintain an overview, for example, through a managed catalog that includes all APIs along with their documentation. Additionally, with a self-service portal, we automate the onboarding process for the selected interface. This promotes maximum autonomy and efficiency for the product teams.

Digitalization & Automation

The availability of APIs is the foundation for process automation. Only through APIs can a digitized process be put into operation, achieving the maximum value in terms of efficiency improvement and maximizing customer benefits through extensive automation. We are your partner for both the implementation of digital processes and the creation of the corresponding interfaces.

Digital Integration Hub

Modern frontends and portals often put established core systems with numerous granular requests under strain or lead to high costs. Moreover, frontend users expect 24x7x365 availability, which is not typically provided by a typical core system. We assist you in the conceptualization and implementation of the Digital Integration Hub to achieve an always-on experience at lower operational costs.

Cloud Integration

Integration platforms and interfaces (APIs) are typically distributed today from on-premises to hybrid cloud to multi-cloud environments. This poses new challenges such as digital identities (IAM), technology and platform management, and data protection based on locality. We implement these high requirements for you with state-of-the-art concepts and products.

Integration of SaaS services

For your non-differentiating IT systems, you rely on SaaS services. The integration should be fast and efficient, ideally autonomous from the business IT. To achieve this goal together, we evaluate the system that best suits your needs and integrate it into the existing integration platform.

Near-real-time data integration

Based on the most up-to-date enterprise data, an increasing number of decisions are being made decentralized within applications. Therefore, it is now essential to distribute data in near-real time from the source to the consuming systems. And this needs to be done in a format that can be consumed by all applications.

Business Value – The benefit for you

Gain access to the latest AI & ML methods and easily make your data assets available.

Innovation and Agility

Quickly publish APIs for the latest application ideas, without compromising on security and data quality.

Efficiency and Time to Market

Help product teams navigate the API jungle to find the right API and get it up and running quickly.

Digital Customer Experience

Enable your customers to access their data 24x7x365, even during system upgrades or application modernization.

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