Seamless Integration: Cloud-native efficiency and automated processes

Are you looking to realize new digital offerings faster and digitize existing processes? Modern cloud-native technologies enable this. Through agile organizational forms and methods, we drastically shorten the time-to-market. With an integration platform, we bring data to the right place at the right time. You can independently consume data through self-services, and product teams implement integration routes autonomously. Events orchestrate digital processes while ensuring that all governance and security requirements are met. We not only provide answers but actively support you and your company in implementing this vision. Here are some of our technical achievements in which we support you:

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Integration platforms for frontend applications and portals

Create a holistic customer experience through seamlessly integrated, modern frontends.These are available 24/7 in full capacity

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Integration based on the Zero Trust principle

Minimize risks by ensuring that your solutions and projects meet the highest security and data privacy requirements.

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Integration platform for API-as-a-Product

Lay the groundwork for easy creation, deployment, monitoring, and management of APIs with a clear focus on positioning and leveraging them as standalone products.

Distributed Integration

In a diverse IT landscape, the interaction among various applications, systems, and data sources is often akin to a juggling act.
➡️ A distributed architecture ensures smooth communication and alleviates pressure from the central integration team. Your product teams are empowered to develop integration routes largely autonomously. From conceptualization to implementation of these solutions, we accompany you every step of the way.

Microservice basierte Integration

The complexity of modern enterprise landscapes with various applications demands flexible solutions.
➡️ With an integration based on microservices, you gain the scalability and adaptability you need. Rapid deployment and cost reduction are included.

API management and self-service portals

Efficient API management and self-service portals are the key to transparent interface administration.
➡️ With easy creation, management, and monitoring of APIs, you keep oversight, while the self-service portal automates onboarding and enables product teams to operate autonomously.

Security Token Service

Secure authentication and authorization are essential, especially in complex environments.
➡️Here enters the Security Token Service (STS) - it not only ensures centralized security but also minimizes risks by enabling Zero Trust principles.

Event Streaming

Managing real-time data streams is crucial for responsive integration of frontends and APIs.
➡️ And that's precisely what Event Streaming enables for you – with real-time updates, enhancing responsiveness.

Secrets Management

Managing sensitive information securely is challenging in complex integration environments.
➡️With Secrets Management, you ensure secure management and provisioning of access credentials for controlled data access.


Managing sensitive information securely is challenging in complex integration environments.
➡️ With Secrets Management, you ensure secure data management and minimize risks.

Business Value - The Benefit for You

Seamless Integration - the perfect and secure orchestration of IT systems, data, and frontend applications

Innovation and agility

Rapidly deploy APIs for the latest application ideas online, without compromising on security and data quality.

Efficient and Time to Market

Help product teams navigate the API jungle to find the right API and put it into operation promptly.

Digital Customer Experience

Enable your customers to access their data 24x7x365, even during system upgrades or application modernization.

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