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Digital Experience

Today, customers and business partners expect digital offerings based on state-of-the-art technologies. Companies increasingly need to differentiate themselves through the customer experience rather than the product or service. With self-service, near-real-time availability of master data and personalisation, you ensure positive customer experiences and create a profitable digital experience. We support you in building such solutions end-to-end, with a coordinated architecture from the integration layer to the interfaces, the security, the data storage to the frontend (mobile, web).

Cloud-native Applications

Customers want easy access to innovative services around the clock. To keep up with this development, a company must have the ability to bring new products to market quickly and to adapt them quickly. With the development of cloud-native applications, you make the most of the advantages of the cloud and benefit from fast time-to-market and agility in the development process.

Decoupled Frontends

Interfaces to customers and partners are expected to be available 24x7x365 with a uniform view of master data. The trend is towards modularised front-end solutions that run separately from the back-end and enable differentiation through good customer experience. We support you in developing such solutions holistically and in efficiently implementing the expectations of the customers.

App Modernisation

Business-relevant applications based on legacy tech need to be replaced because further development is not possible (end of support) or too inflexible. We support you in the full-stack development of modern cloud native applications, from frontend to backend and the seamless integration into core systems.

Cloud Application Security

Cloud native development in the public cloud requires appropriate application security. We use zero trust concepts and DevSecOps processes in application development in the dynamic cloud landscape to make the applications secure.

IAM & Digital Customer Onboarding

Secure authorization processes with the best user experience.

Application-, B2B- & B2C-Security

For the secure development of new channels and the integration of systems.

Ipt Consultants think outside the box and bring sustainable solutions. It's never just about the technology, but about the customer's vision and the business value that is generated as a result.
Jan Harmel PAL Digital Client Experience, SwissRe

Business Value - the benefits for you

This is how you benefit from Digital Experience...

Differentiating customer experience

Ensure positive customer experiences and create a winning digital experience with 7x24 availability.

Speed and agility in development

Harness the full power of the cloud and bring your innovative applications to market quickly.

Agile Integration

Set the stage for your project and product teams to implement necessary integrations themselves.

Business application renovation

Replace legacy applications with modern cloud-native applications that are seamlessly integrated with back-end systems.

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