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Today, customers and business partners expect digital offerings based on state-of-the-art technologies. Companies increasingly need to differentiate themselves through customer experience rather than just products or services. With self-service, near-real-time availability of master data, and personalization, you ensure positive customer experiences and create a profitable digital experience. We support you in building such end-to-end solutions, with a coordinated architecture from integration layer to interfaces, security, data storage, and frontend — both web and mobile-based. In doing so, we focus on:

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Modern frontends for a comprehensive customer experience

Frontends serve as both a business card and a tool for work. They boost sales, attract customers, and streamline tasks. A modern architecture accelerates time-to-market.

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Digitization of partner integrations

Differentiate yourself with secure, flexible, and modern solutions that enable your partners (sales and cooperation partners) to connect and integrate quickly, efficiently, and flexibly.

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Integration into digital ecosystems

Utilize new distribution channels and expand your point-of-sale with embedded services. Be at the right place at the right time with your offering.


Taming complex applications and systems to create a top user experience can be tricky.
➡️ By adopting a modern, distributed approach to process digitalization, you'll truly enhance your customer experience. Simultaneously, you'll optimize your workflows and boost efficiency.

Micro Frontends

How do you ensure seamless integration and communication between frontend components of different partners?
➡️ Micro Frontends are becoming increasingly popular in software development as they divide complex frontends into smaller, more manageable components, contributing to the scalability of applications.

Process digitalization in frontends

The complexity of business processes can be overwhelming for users. Customers want to address their concerns quickly and intuitively through digital channels.
➡️ By adopting a modern, distributed approach to process digitalization, you'll significantly enhance your customer experience. Simultaneously, you'll optimize your workflows and increase efficiency.

Product Teams

Responding quickly and effectively to complex requirements, market changes, and customer expectations is difficult to implement in traditional silo-like organizational structures.
➡️ Product teams take on end-to-end responsibility, reducing time-to-market and enhancing efficiency. Thanks to interdisciplinary teams, they make quick, autonomous decisions and operate in an agile manner.


Security should be considered from the outset during both the construction and operation of a solution.
➡️ DevSecOps seamlessly integrates security checks into the development process for a secure customer experience. Early detection and resolution of risks reduce effort, enhance security levels, minimize reputation risks, and protect your data.

API Gateways and API Management

The biggest challenge in integrating digital ecosystems is ensuring that various partner systems and platforms can communicate and interact seamlessly.
➡️ Through effective API management, you can enable flexible and scalable integration to quickly respond to new market opportunities, drive innovation, and ultimately gain competitive advantages.


When digitizing partner integrations, ensuring secure and efficient management of user identities and access rights across various platforms is crucial.
➡️With IAM/CIAM, you seamlessly integrate customer logins into partner ecosystems and efficiently manage employee rights. The result: improved business relationships, internal efficiency, and a positive customer experience with fast onboarding.

Business Value - The Benefit for You

Digital Experience - Differentiation at the customer interface through coordinated backends, frontends, and processes.

Differential Customer Experience

Omni-Channel Experience with Unified View of Data and Customer-Centric Products

Speed and agility in development

Harness the full power of the cloud and swiftly bring your innovative applications to market.

Renovation of Business Applications

Replace legacy applications with modern cloud-native applications that seamlessly integrate with backend systems.

ipt consultants think outside the box and bring sustainable solutions. It's never just about the technology but about the customer's vision and the business value generated as a result.
Jan Harmel PAL Digital Client Experience, SwissRe

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