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The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undisputed and will change our world and your business. But how can you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your own context? And at what point is it really worth investing in AI?



7 tips for more successful machine learning projects

C-Level magazine 3|2019

In 3 steps to the AI strategy

In C-Level magazine, ipt AI expert Dr. Yves Brise explains why Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make the breakthrough this time. He shows why you cannot do without an AI strategy for your company and how you can achieve one in three steps.

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C-Level magazine 3|2018

The basics of data-driven business

Over the last few years, Big Data has evolved into Data-Driven Business. But what is data-driven business, what does it mean for companies and what business benefits can be derived from it?

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In 3 steps to your Kafka platform

ackling the large and complex topic of Kafka for your own company can be very challenging. We have gathered our expertise and experience for you and developed a 3-step procedure model.

For a more in-depth insight, we invite you to request the entire process model free of charge.