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BLS: Benefit and feasibility verified with innovation procedures

BLS knew that it had not yet fully exploited the potential for optimising the service life of the overhead contact lines in its network.

February, 2019

BLS wants to optimise the management of the more than 719 km of overhead contact lines with a digital solution in terms of lifecycle management. Based on actual measured values and prognosis models, the replacement date is to be delayed. Thus the potential of the contact wires will be better exploited. But first the feasibility and effective benefit of such a solution had to be verified.

«We do not spend unnecessarily on an expensive project that takes a long time. But rather we have a quick assurance of feasibility.»
Adrian Mäder Digital Business Engineer, BLS

In order to obtain results as quickly as possible, BLS relied on an exploratory approach. Agile and flexible, yet structured, a solution was worked out and tested. Thus BLS achieved the desired insights and the confirmation that the Data Analytics solution is operationally feasible and achieves the desired business values in just two months.

Benefits from the project

With Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance, BLS was able to create the following business values

Longer service life of the contact wires

70% of all wires can be used 4 years longer.

Saving costs and resources

Thanks to process automation of testing and data evaluation.

Predictions possible

Contact wire renewal and the corresponding investments can now be planned years in advance.

Always informed

Current information on the contact wire status is available.

How the interdisciplinary team quickly achieved results

«Thanks to Data Analytics, we are achieving a longer and optimized service life for our catenary systems. This has a direct impact on the wallet.»
Adrian Mäder Digital Business Engineer, BLS

In the video, Adrian Mäder tells how they quickly achieved results in an interdisciplinary team, about the agility in working with ipt and the advantages of the exploratory approach.

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