Intelligent fleet maintenance

SBB is relying on an automated, digital solution for controlling the pantographs (pantographs).

February, 2019

In order to avoid disruptions and maintain smooth rail traffic, sound fleet maintenance is important. In order to digitize the previously visual control of the pantorgraphs, an innovation project was launched together with ipt. This project tested whether the control by automatic image recognition and evaluation and predictive maintenance based on it is a reliable and functioning solution for future maintenance.

«Automated fleet maintenance saves us time. And in the future, we can also predict when a pantograph is due for maintenance.»
Pietro Maria Loderer Project Manager Inno-Project Pantograph, SBB

This also simplifies the planning of the vehicles and the maintenance facilities can thus be utilized more intelligently and efficiently. With the personnel resources saved, SBB can now focus more closely on repair activities.

In the video, Pietro Maria Loderer, Project Manager Inno-Project Pantograph at SBB, explains how the pilot of the intelligent fleet maintenance of the pantographs came about and what added value they achieved with it.

This was achieved

Increasing the safety of vehicles

and increase quality of controls

Saving resources

through the reduction of visual checks

Prediction of the maintenance dates

leads to intelligent and efficient utilization of the maintenance facilities

Higher availability of the vehicles

Pietro Maria Loderer tells about the project

Thanks to this explorative approach, Pietro Maria Loderer and the ipt experts came up with the perfect answer to his problem within just two days:

«A solution that fits in well with the SBB world.»
Pietro Maria Loderer Project Manager Inno-Project Pantograph, SBB

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