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SRK: Bringing families together anonymously and safely

The Red Cross helps to reunite families around the world who have lost sight of each other while fleeing.

This is a difficult task, which is to be implemented with a simple, anonymous and easily accessible solution.

May, 2019

More than 70 million people are on the run worldwide. A large proportion of the refugees are illiterate. Others are politically persecuted. For these reasons, it is not possible to reunite through platforms such as Facebook. What was needed was an anonymous and simple solution that is accessible from everywhere. A solution that reunites as many families as possible, that builds bridges for humanity. In order to generate a new, fresh and innovative solution in a very short time, the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) decided to take an explorative approach. As part of an ipt hackathon, SRK and ipt jointly set about finding ideas and checking their implementation. Within two days, a prototype for a new innovative solution was created.
SRK plans to develop a chatbot that can also be used to communicate via external providers: simple, easily accessible, usable from anywhere and no complicated registration necessary.

This was achieved

New approach found

For a challenging starting position

New, innovative solution

Within the shortest time thanks to exploratory approach

More refugees are reached

and thus brings more families back together - thanks to a user-centred approach

«The ipt Consultants were passionate about the idea and I really appreciate it.»
Marcin Wesołowski Chief Digital Officer, Swiss Red Cross
«We wanted a solution that would allow us to reach more people and eventually bring more families together.»
Marcin Wesołowski Chief Digital Officer, Swiss Red Cross

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