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AXA Switzerland: Increased efficiency through automation and cloud integration

Grow beyond the core - with this mission statement AXA Switzerland is expanding its services.

November, 2020

Thanks to early investment in process digitization, AXA is a pioneer in fast and customer-oriented process handling and can thus focus on additional services.

In addition to the constant and targeted expansion of its service repertoire, AXA attaches great importance to increasing customer proximity and satisfaction. The latter is achieved in particular by opening up internal processes so that customers can submit claims or notices of termination intuitively and at any time via Web Services.

This diversification of services and interfaces to the customer is in direct competition with new "Pure Digital Insurers", who are entering the market and posing ever greater challenges for established players with new strategies.


The described situation requires a streamlining of existing processes to increase their efficiency. At the same time, they should be further digitalized and made available in the form of new services and user interfaces. In addition, there is a necessary balancing act between classic IT problems such as ensuring high availability and throughput, and constantly increasing cost pressure.

The combination of cost pressure, increased efficiency and competition in core business leads to the following challenges:

  1. Fast and efficient digitization of existing and new business processes.

  2. Provision of processes and services for the end customer through digital interfaces.

  3. Ensure high accessibility and scalability of the digitized processes.

  4. Connecting and providing existing processes to peripheral systems to enable new use cases for customer interactions.


If the challenges described above were ignored, this would have the following effects on AXA's core business:

  1. Non-digitized processes and stagnating efficiency would increasingly burden the core business and prevent growth.

  2. Valuable interaction with customers via digital channels is not possible and can, for example, only be covered by sales representatives.

  3. Restriction of accessibility and loss of business opportunities.

  4. Customer interactions stagnate or become inefficient and new business branches are denied.

«ipt is very reliable, dedicated and delivers very good quality thanks to its extensive know-how. Concerns, suggestions and requirements of the business are always taken seriously and we actively try to bring about solutions and decisions.»
Reto Oetiker Non live, AXA


  1. Fully implemented process frameworks

    Allows business IT communication and progressive modelling

  2. Digitization up to the end customer

    Customer satisfaction and reduced workload through web interfaces

  3. Modeled processes in the cloud

    Reduces costs and increases scalability and accessibility

Business Value

The following business value was generated by the solutions used.

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«We appreciate that the ipt-Consultants approach us proactively, clarify important questions quickly, work independently & act solution-oriented. This has enabled us to further increase the quality & speed of digitization.»
Silvio Scheidegger Business Analyst, Group Life AXA

In numbers - that was achieved

The following could be achieved with the solution

Growth in process instances per year (in 2020 the 7 mio mark will be achieved)
process are processed per year i.e. approx. 16'000 instances per day
Digitalized processes
Active users

Technology partner

Appway Logo - 2019_Logo Gray.svg Appway


The following is required from a technological point of view

  • All processes are versioned in the same way - this gives control over the tens of thousands of running instances.
  • Communication between custom front-end solutions and the BPM engine should be guaranteed.
  • It should be possible to migrate a solution to the cloud whenever possible.

These requirements are typically met by a combination of cloud-native apps and intelligent deployment processes.

The following was used

  • Appway
  • SOA
  • React.js
  • Custom Cloud
  • Openshift