Make technology valuable

The Value Spider as an orientation guide

The Value Spider visualizes the added value of an IT project by means of 6 different value dimensions.

The individual dimensions are relative to each other and show the added value in three forms:

  • Little = 1 area
  • Medium = 2 areas 
  • Strong = 3 areas

(The assessment of the added value is based on an evaluation and not on a precise measurement).

The 6 value dimensions


Are cost savings possible thanks to the IT project? Does it improve or accelerate the project processes in the company? 

Value is created, for example, through:

  • Decrease costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce complexity


Erschliesst das Projekt eine neue Kundengruppe oder schafft es ein neues Angebot im Produktportfolio? Werden Revenue Streams ausgebaut oder komplett neu erschlossen? Wird das Pricing-Modell optimiert oder Cross-Selling ermöglicht? 

Value is created, for example, through:

  • Neue Revenue Streams
  • Cross-Selling
  • Halten von bestehenden Kunden / Churn Prevention


Does the project create a technical basis for further projects? Does the project renew or replace existing systems or components?

Value is created, for example, through:

  • Sustainability and flexibility
  • Increased availability
  • Increased security
  • Better scalability / performance
  • Reduced complexity

Customer Value

Does the project bring about an improvement in the customer experience? Will processes for customers or employees be simplified, speeded up, made more convenient or even redesigned in several ways?

Value is created through:

  • Improved Digital Experience
  • Better user guidance 


Is the project necessary to meet market regulations? Or are there risks in the company that can be cushioned with an IT project?

Value is created through:

  • Minimization of risks 
  • Closing security gaps
  • Adherence to compliance requirements 


Does the project serve the overall IT or corporate strategy? Does it strategically take the company to the next level? Can the market positioning be improved?

Value is created through:

  • Contribution to corporate strategy